Shade ball applications case

4" 100mm / 4 inch UV Resistant Stabilized Black Color Shaded Hollow Plastic HDPE Bird Floating Ball

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HDPE Bird Hollow Floating Balls are used to camouflage Lagoons, Settling Ponds, Open Pits, Reservoirs, and Runoff Basins to prevent birds from landing and nesting.

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The UV HDPE Bird Hollow Floating Balls cover 91% of the surface area. Installation is easy and requires no construction or infrastructure to build and maintain. The Chemical Resistant HDPE Balls withstand sun, rain, ice, snow and wind for an effective service life of over 10 years.

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In locations that experience higher than average wind speeds, our heavier HDPE Bird Hollow Floating Balls are recommended. The HDPE Bird Hollow Floating Balls weight can be 200 - 240g (compared to a 40g standard air filled Bird Ball) and provides extra stability at wind speeds in excess of 45 kph (28 mph).

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Technical Details of HDPE Bird Hollow Floating Balls

Material: Black, UV stabilised High Density Polyethylene

Bird Ball Diameter: 100mm (4")

Surface Coverage: 116 Bird Balls per m2 (10 per ft2)

Nominal weight: 40g (air filled), 240g (water filled)

Life expectancy: 10 years in conventional environments

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Superiority of HDPE Bird Hollow Floating Balls

Low cost solution 

Easy to install 

Adjust to the variation of the liquid level by spreading & stacking

UV Inhibitor to Protect Plastic for more than 10 Years Service Life

Unaffected by snow and ice 

No vegetation growth on top

HDPE plastic meets FDA Requirement for Food Contact

Application of HDPE Bird Hollow Floating Balls:

Gold Mining - Leach Ponds

Silver Mining - Settling Ponds 

Commercial and Military Airports 

Oil and Natural Gas Frac Water Tanks/Pits 


Industrial Processing 

Copper Refining - Demisting Balls 

Metal Plating 

Ammonia Tanks 

Chemical Processing 

Above Ground Storage Tank Pontoons

Application: : it is widely used in salt eliminating water tank, coagulate water tank, water treatment and environment protection fields

Typical application: 

a.Cover the sun shining into the water to prevent and reduce the water evaporation

b.Reduce the spread of photosynthesis and algae

c.Isolated the water with dust, rain, birds, wild animals

d. Improve the quality of drinking water



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